Form Da 200

What is DA-200 Form Used For?

This form is widely used in the military area. The purpose of this document is carrying out the transmitting records of a shipment. It concerns all the process of the transferring the property of army. All the details should be recorded by the consignor. While filling out DA-200 Form, consider the authority under which the dispatch is being made and the quantity of data. It is very important to include contact information and indicate where the goods are coming from and where they are going. All this data should be maintained in particular boxes. Some of them may contain sub-boxes. For example, one, that is called “ Return Receipt Requested” is needed to verify whether the copy of DA-200 Form is required. In this case it should be signed and sent back to the consignor by the receiver. Furthermore, the names of all parties involved should be mentioned too. It is extremely important, because signing the document is not possible other way. Underneath there should be a line for the date. Other boxes should be filled with the following items:

  • Security classification (the method of transporting and the consequent security measures that may be need to take place in different cases);

  • Number: it is obligatory for identification;

  • Additional appropriate information (specify conditions under which the transporting is allowed to take place);

  • Identification of the organization by which the process is controlled;

  • Additional instructions from the sender or the receiver;

  • A return receipt (may be applicable; should be signed, copied and sent back for confirmation);

  • Determining the type of media shipped. You may include the total number of items, boxes or packages;

  • Other details and additional remarks, that will be needed for at least one of the party.

Certification is optionally required in order to prove that the item was received. These samples are available online or can be supplied through the chain of command.