Form Da 200

Useful Tips How To Fill Out DA-200 Form?

This document is prepared for the United States Army. In case when some items need to be transported, it is necessary to record all the conditions in detailed manner. Generally, DA-200 Form is completed by the shipper. It is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings between the sender and the receiver. To avoid any mistakes and prepare this sample correctly, follow the simple steps below and fill out an example with the necessary data.

How to complete DA-200 Form?

Each clause in a document should maintain the specific information.

  • The first box should include the security classification. This will condition the method of shipment and consequent measures for security in case of different types of difficulties while the transporting is taking place.

  • The second box of blank DA-200 Form requires the number of shipment. The next three boxes are needed to identify the separate dispatch and its date. It goes without saying that this data should be accurately specified before the departure occurs.

  • It is obligatory to include information for shipment to take place into the sixth to eleventh section. This implied determining the authority for the process and number of records shipped. Don’t forget to indicate the contacts of the authority and the information related to transporting for both parties. There may be a request for the receipt, which should prove that template is signed, copied and sent back to the sender for confirmation.

  • Put the certification info into the tenth and eleventh sections. It is needed to assert that the items were received.

  • Paragraphs twelve through fourteen involve all the details of the dispatch process. Add the category of media shipped, indicate the media type and the total number of packages. If the type is not specified on the blank, put it down in the section twelve.

  • Provide special instructions that may be required by one of the parties.