Form Da 200

How To Complete Form DA-200 in PDF?

DA Form 200 is a document necessary for United States Army. Its field of usage concerns transmittal records of a specific cargo transfer between two parties. The paper is created to keep a track of a shipment. The blank has to be prepared by a sender and filled accurately in accordance with all main requirements. Each responsible for this matter individual is definitely aware of digital documents that can be easily found in the Internet and completed in a few minutes, signed electronically and sent to a recipient. To get how to prepare correctly read the instruction below.

Instruction to Fill Out The DA Form 200

You’ll find the sheet divided into several boxes and fields. Each of them has to be filled with specific information. Read what in particular you are supposed to mention:

  1. There are Boxes 1 and 2 in the header. In the first one you have to specify the security classification of the shipment. In the second one write the record number of the dispatch. Gaps numbered 3,4 and 5 are for further identifying and dates.
  2. In the next line you have to provide data related to the authority of the procedure. Specify amount of records. Thereafter, indicate contact info. Write the location from where the shipment is coming and where is going under the numbers 10 and 11.
  3. In the gaps 10a and 11a you have to specify names of the transmitter and receiver. Below there are blanks for signatures.
  4. Then it comes to the quantity of packages and items and the method of transfer.
  5. The space 16 is intended for additional instruction. The last two lines are for remarks.

Check if all the details are proper. If not, correct errors before it’s too late. Untruthful info may lead to unpleasant consequences. Make two copies of the DA Form 200 since both sender and receiver have to keep them.